All Types of
Cabinet & Furniture Making

Traditional Furniture Factory offers to customers their unique blend of experience and craftsmanship to ensure that every job is of the highest quality.....every time.

You will find that once you visit with Stuart and Stephanie Tansley your job will be customised to your requirements. We will discuss every aspect of the job with you and keep you involved, from drawing the plans to choosing the finish. At Traditional Furniture Factory we produce a quality job incorporating all of your own ideas. We are second to none.




As with any job which is manufactured at Traditional Furniture Factory, Stuart will insist that all customers inspect their job at the workshop before it is installed in your home. This way, we ensure that you get the best possible job which fulfill all your expectations.

"Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after, in the mood in which it was made and passed. We stand by this policy".







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